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Team Sue,

Today felt like the calm before the storm, so I want to take this moment to thank all of you. I don't know what will happen on the National-- or even State level tomorrow-- but thanks to all of you, we at the Prentiss campaign are heading into tomorrow confident!

Throughout the last five months, our campaign has:

  • Raised over $50,000 dollars

  • Held 12 Zoom Town Halls 

  • Received donations from 250 Unique campaign donors 

  • Received 36 endorsements from various organizations, stakeholders and community leaders 

  • Received 17,265 Facebook video views, and over 107 hours of our Facebook content watched

Last week, we held our final Zoom Town hall with Jeffrey Richardson. Jeffrey and I had a productive conversation about how we can redress various systemic injustices that reinforce racial inequality in the United States. As State Senator, I will continue to reference our conversation in my fight to make New Hampshire a more equal and equitable place. He is a great resource for all of us. 

We also received an endorsement from Senator Jeanne Shaheen. Jeanne is the first woman in US History to serve as both Governor and Senator. She is someone I look up to and I am genuinely honored to have been endorsed by her.

This past week our campaign received a plethora of letters to the editor. In the Valley News we received letters from Laurie HardingRon BerthesavageKaren Whitaker, all all of the Democratic State Representatives running in Hanover, NH. We also received letters to the editor in the Eagle Times from Matt Mooshian.

We will be co-hosting an election night watch party with the Lebanon, NH Democrats. The watch party will be from 9-11pm on Zoom. You can join us here. 

Let's bring this home,

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