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Dear Friends,

The weather finally seems to be warming up, and I look forward to seeing signs of Spring throughout Senate District 5. The Senate met in full Session on Thursday last week, and the results were mixed. As we move past "crossover," our Senate bills, including mine, are on their way to the House and have been assigned to committees.    

In some good news we were able to:  

  • Overturn the unfavorable committee recommendation from Senate Finance and pass SB444 relative to childhood adverse experiences, treatment, and prevention.  

  • Overturn the interim study recommendation and pass the establishment of an electric school bus pilot program in SB417

  • Pass SB438 prioritizing the use of American materials in state procurement policies 

  • Pass SB403, re-establishing the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Farmers Market Nutrition Program.  

We did our best in an attempt to defeat SB418, anti-voter legislation which will create provisional balloting for first time voters in New Hampshire and will particularly impact college students. The Senate Republican's policy position declared in SB418 continues to sew seeds of doubt in our system of fair and free elections in NH. I joined with voting rights advocates from around the state in the halls of the State House - including folks from Senate District 5 - which was very meaningful. I will, we will continue this fight.  

We have reached the part of the Legislative Session known as "crossover" - meaning that all of the bills introduced in the Senate have been voted on, and the ones that have passed will now go to the House. And vice versa. I introduced 10 bills this year, and I am pleased to report that 8 of those bills were passed by the Senate. Of the remaining two, one was amended into a study committee and one into a commission.   























Over the coming weeks, these bills will be heard and voted on in the House Committees that they have been assigned to. I know that many of them are facing tough battles, and I will do my best to build bipartisan support to give them the best chance at passage. I am proud to be working on behalf of working families and local communities for a more prosperous, inclusive New Hampshire. Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts with me as we move into the second half of the 2022 Legislative Session. 



Sue Prentiss



Graphic of Sue's 10 bills from 2022.
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