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Values tell others who we are, what’s important to us as well as serve as the foundation of decision making.  I work with a core set of values, at the center of my decision making and leadership. Some of these include:


My husband Christian and I raised our daughter Phoebe in a West Lebanon neighborhood, a home we still live in today.   I understand what it is to provide for my family, working one, sometimes two jobs, while also taking a role in shaping the future of my community.  Families like mine and yours need a connection to government that supports and protects our way of life.  You know me, I am  your neighbor and together, we have common voice.  





Conducting personal, professional and community service activities consistently with honesty, trustworthiness and accuracy.



The way that that we show up in the world for each other.   Agree or Disagree, it’s important to show regard for the way others feel, think and live their lives.



Making a commitment to promote participation, appreciate diversity, cooperativeness, participation, and sustainability in any community



Doing what you say and saying what you do.  Actively engaging in the assignments and commitments made in both the career and volunteer work

I will apply my values to the decisions that need to be made in the NH Senate, ones that benefit and protect your, our way of life.


The safety and protection of NH families has never been more important.  As career paramedic and former leader in the state EMS system spanning over 30 years, I have a unique view into the planning and implementation of solutions to complex challenges, such as COVID 19.  I believe we are in this for the long haul, period.  My vision, my immediate priorities for our District and NH include;


-economic recovery by restoring jobs and local, small businesses

-stabilization of our healthcare system to ensure that patients can be treated for all types of medical problems, not just COVID-19

-comprehensive testing, tracking, and treatment so that we don’t see a resurgence of the pandemic


We face tough, yet manageable times ahead.  Safety, protecting our families is just part of a vision I hope you will share with me as we find our new normal

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